Welcome to the New COMA Website!

Your Place to Browse for Members, Vendors and Current Meeting Dates


The COMA of Florida Board has worked very hard trying to find a great venue for the new website.  We think we have found the best avenue to bring you up to date information on members, vendors and calendar of events. We now have a directory online for members to update their own information as well as to look up any member or vendor they wish.  Another new feature will be the ability to pay for your annual renewal of membership online as well as paying for your monthly meetings online, once this is completely set up.


The Benefits of Membership

COMA is a great place to network with like minded service providers who want to help promote their business.  COMA is also a great place for Managers to find service providers for their communities. For both service providers and managers its a great place to put the face with the name of those they are working with.


Did You Know

 Fun Facts to Know About COMA

1. Did you know that there are different accounts for different functions.  For your Naples dinner meeting please make checks out to COMA of Naples.  For your membership renewal make separate check out to COMA of Florida.For special events please follow the directions on the flyers that are sent out for these specific events.  This information changes with each event depending on the event and will be deposited into a separate account for that particular function.

2. The official mailing address for COMA is 13650 Fiddlestick Blvd. Suite 200-285.  Please do not mail any check to Charter Club Circle or any other address unless it is specified on a flyer.  Mailing of your check to the wrong address will delay your reservation, etc.

3. If you are a CAM then you need a membership just for you, as a CAM your membership is needed to obtain the CEU credits.  Service Providers may have TWO representatives per membership who are able to attend the dinner meetings.  If you have one Service Provider membership that does not allow your company to send as many representatives to the meeting as you wish.  Only two please!

4. Reservations for the meetings or events must be in by the cutoff date.  We need the correct count to call in to the club for dinner.  Please do not call or email Bonnie Schinke with your last minute reservations.  She is not always available to check on these last minute reservations in order to get the count into the club.  Please keep in mind Bonnie Schinke has a full time job and may not be able to check the emails and calls as frequently as needed.

5.  If you have prepaid for the year for your dinners you do not need to send in your registration.  Pre-pays are on the list for the year.



COMA Summer Party

Stay tuned for more details